Step Forward to End Homelessness banner - red background, runner over the top.

Let your feet do the talking, and join us as we take steps towards a future without homelessness.


How to take part in Crisis' step challenge

Step 1. Make a pledge.
How many steps will you take in March? Choose a target below. Each reflects a key fact about homelessness.

Step 2. Sign up.
Create your fundraising page for friends to sponsor you and track your progress online.

Step 3. Step forward.
During March, take as many steps towards your target as you can, in whichever way you like!

During March, I pledge to take...


We need to build 100,500 social homes in Britain every year, for the next 15 years, to end homelessness.


In England, 260,0000 households have experienced homelessness, or have been on the brink of homelessness, in the last year.


If things stay how they are, 314,800 families and individuals will experience the worst forms of homelessness by 2041. This can change.


When: March 2020
Where: Anywhere you want
Registration Fee: £10 (free for Under 16s)
Fundraising Target: £100