Fundraising Tips

Fundraising has never been easier! When you register for Step forward to end homelessness, a fundraising page on Everydayhero will be set up for you. Sharing this page is the quickest way to spread the word about your challenge, raise money and promote awareness.

Follow these steps to share your challenge with the world.

Complete your fundraising page

Upload a profile picture and explain why you're stepping forward.

Get social

Post your fundraising page on social media and join the online community by using the #CrisisStepForward hashtag, or joining the Facebook group.

Just ask!

Don't be afraid to ask people to donate to your page. You're doing an amazing thing - your friends and family will be inspired to support you.

Use the figures below to demonstrate the impact of your steps.


The number of families and individuals who would be prevented from becoming homeless if housing benefit was increased to cover the bottom third of the housing market (#CoverTheCost).


The number of people who have been supported by coaches at Crisis in the last three years.


The number of people who would be given a stable home in which they could thrive, if we invested in Housing First across Britain.


Facebook sharing graphic
Twitter sharing graphic